Our vision and mission


A Rwandan society where human rights and fundamental freedom are fully enjoyed by everyone, and are respected, protected and fulfilled by the State in accordance with universal human rights principles and standards, and in compliance with its obligations under the international human rights instruments.

To us NI ABACU, the on-line cemetery and memorial siteis a very special place, where the bereaved Hutu survivors are nurtured; a place of light and hope inside and outside of Rwanda where the Hutu victims and survivors struggle for more than 24 years to achieve justice and reconciliation on the basis of equality and non-discrimination, in particular for those Hutu survivors who are marginalized and vulnerable. We are very proud that this online cemetery and memorial place bears the name of our forgotten beloved ones “Urwibutso rw’Abacu” only because they happened to be Hutus.


Following the long rejection, refusal and strong denial to Hutus as well as Twas for grieving, bereavement and mourning their ones murdered by the RPF Tutsi rebels and government inside and outside of Rwanda, NI ABACU website has been created to be a place where every Hutu community member, friends and family can remember their loved ones who were murdered and / or disappeared by Kagame and his RPF since their invasion of Rwanda in October 1st, 1990 and during their brutal military reign up-to-date.

  1. To be the prime mover in strengthening remembrance of our loved ones murdered by Paul Kagame and his ruling RPF, to be the prime mover in victims respect, understanding and practice of human rights as the essential cornerstone of peace, unity and nation-building in Rwanda, the country devastated by a genocide. To be the pioneer of establishing and strengthening accountability and ending impunity of the Tutsi RPF members, existence of justice for all particularly for the Hutu community and the majority of Rwandans traumatized, still neglected and unprotected for more than 20 years

  2. To help lighten the burden of grief in the wake of bereavement and mourning, to offer a glimmer of hope to the Hutu survivors and RPF victims as their life feels dark and overwhelming. The bereaved Hutu community members, survivors and or victims of RPF crimes are still questioning their own memories about their relatives who got killed or mysteriously disappeared, questioning about “what happened to their loved ones. The website is an important support to getting better.

  3. Willing to reencounter the bereaved Hutu survivors with Rwanda, their fatherland and its memory under the next values: Never again crime of enforced disappearances, and subsequent RPF impunity which abets it, never again violations of human rights, never again police state and Never again trading information for guilt: never again fabricated testimonies provided by criminal informants to avoid their arrest or punishment in exchange for information, never again the shameful hierarchy of victims of the Rwandan genocide
  4. End or decrease sadness, pain, anger, bouts of crying, and a depressed mood of the bereaved Hutu ethnic members

  5. Blaming the world community for silencing Hutus about the death of their loved ones by Kagame and the extremist Tutsis, members of the criminal RPF party.

  6. Getting professional help for the grieving process: bereavement counseling will be used to reduce the level of distress that mourners go through following the well-known or mysterious circumstances’ murder of their loved ones.

  7. End RPF Impunity

  8. Demand justice and protection of all victims and (eye) witnesses of the RPF horror during the past 24 years.

  9. To collect photographs, music, video, firsthand testimonies and a whole host of memories, in a place that friends and family can share and help them to live free from fear as well.

  10. To establish and strengthen cooperation with a wide range of human rights organizations and groups around the world in order to promote human rights in Rwanda as well as in the region.

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